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Big announcements and hot news items:
Update 2011 Sept. 13th Tu. :
        Back online! ...again. My personal and business websites have been unavailable sometime (about a year & a half) as I have been struggling with health problems which I am gradually emerging from and financial problems, well that's taking longer to emgerge from. Fortunately, I found a hosting service for my websites that should work well for me for a while. The hosting service is 000WebHost.Com (the 000 represents the price for their lowest price service). A lot of things on my websites are badly in need of updating. I'm working on that right now and hope to have a lot of it updated very soon.
Here is a basic table of contents for some of the things you can find on my site:
         General Site Info - Basic information, news, updates pertaining to my site - If you are new to my site, I suggest reviewing my General Site Statement and then come back here and explore my site. This area of my site also has information for how to contact me, tips on getting the most out of my site, and some of the my site's history with a few things about me mixed in.
         Space - My newly restructured space section of my personal website which includes news, views and information on space sciences including astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology and exploration. This is one of my favorite subjects. I have a lot of stuff here and some of it turned into big projects.
         My music interests - also one of my biggest interests.
         Jeromy's Take - My opinionated writings about various issues.
         West Davis Corridor Problems - one of those issues.
         Jeromy's Computer Zone - includes my software reviews.
         Quotes, jokes, puns and just plain goofing around.
         Comparison of images published in U.S. and U.K. - Want to see how media sometimes messes with your head?
         Insomnia and Other Related Sleep Disorders - Updated 2004 Oct. 22nd.
         L-Tryptophan and You - and a case where genetic engineering went wrong.
         Organo-Phosphate Pesticides & Corporate Power Over Government - as seen in Spain in 1981.
         Zarathushtra - These things Zarathushtra said.
         Reference Notes - New 2004 July 26th.
         Photography - A collection of photos that I have taken.
         Mysterious stone slab found in Russia.
         My report of the 2002 Winter Olympic events.
         About my pets.
         About Me - where to go if you want to know more personal things about me.
         Also, visit my business web site: ContinuousInnovations.Com.
         More coming soon!
I know these people and they have some cool things going on:
For just about any kind of automotive service in the Syracuse, Utah area check out PaulsAutomotive.Net.
Are you a sports junkie? Have you thought about playing in a fantasy sports league? Check out The Sports Junkie.
Whether you're into digital scrapbooking, science fiction, The Sims or any geeky thing like that, Blabber Mouth Media has a site for you.
Need basic web hosting but don't have two pennies to rub together? Try 000WebHost.Com. I did and it's working well for me.
Page Hits History:
        I haven't set up any kind of page hit information system since moving to new hosting yet. Maybe I'll come up with something sometime.
These C is for cookie, good enough for me. are the only type of cookies my web site currently uses.
This is a not-ready-for-prime-time web site. (I'm not affiliated with SNL, I just grew up on it.)
I hope my site isn't as nearsighted as my sight.

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