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    Continuous Innovations was formed to find ways to help advance and improve science and technology to improve quality of life. We are currently headquartered in Layton, Utah, USA. We are near Hill Air Force Base, Weber State University campuses, Freeport Center industrial park, Layton's West Hillfield Road industrial park, Ogden City and the Ogden Industrial Park. Salt lake City is also within range for some activities. Our ultimate goal is to develop our own ideas. We are also open to working on other people's and businesses' ideas, as long as we can find an agreement that allows us to keep our own ideas and our clients' ideas separate from each other to avoid any potential intellectual property conflicts. Our primary background is in physical sciences and engineering. We have experience in embedded applications; in other words, development of special purpose electronic circuits that usually contain microprocessors or microcontrollers (microprocessors that can function on their own using their own memory on the same chip) for which we also develop the programming. This type of programming is often referred to as “embedded software” or “firmware”. We have also designed physical/mechanical parts that go along with such circuits. However, We are not limited to just that kind of research and development. We are willing to investigate any kind of scientific, technological or engineering application. We also have several other services we can provide.
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Services & Projects
    The following are types of services we provide or projects we are working on:
     Please note that we are in the process of reconstructing our website so some of it may be unavailable during the process. We should have everything up and running soon.
         Electronics Services We can repair, modify, upgrade, and/or custom build a variety of electronic and electromechanical devices including personal computers, electric guitar or bass onboard electronics, amplifiers, etc. We work on the latest technology and even systems that use old technology such as vacuum tubes! We work on both hardware and software issues. We can eliminate viruses. We can speed your system up. We offer free estimates on most items. We keep our overhead low and have probably the lowest rates around. We can usually beat anybody's price on the labor. As far as complete custom built systems go, we may not be able to beat the price of something mass produced you might find on the store shelves but we can build you something that is much better and is custom tailored for you.
         Tutoring Services We don't currently have classes or lessons but we can provide tutoring to help you advance in a variety of fields. Some of the subjects we may be able to help with include: mathematics (which includes algebra, trigonometry, calculus, vector/linear algebra/calculus, and other math), physics, astronomy, using computers and playing guitar. If you have another subject for which you're interested in receiving some tutoring, you're welcome to contact us.
         Technical Consulting Services Do you have a technical problem and need a solution? Would you just like some technical advice? Maybe you are trying to figure out if an idea is viable. Maybe you want to try to make sure you haven't missed any potential problems. Maybe you want a second opinion. Or, maybe you're writing an article, book, script or screenplay and would like to try to make it as compatible as possible with real science and technology or are looking for a way out of a rut or writer's block. We may be able to help. It wouldn't hurt to contact us to see if there is something we can do to help.
         Energy Projects Our original inspiration was space exploration and aerospace. We immediately found that if we want to do things with aerospace, we need to be able to affordably acquire and process energy. We also want to improve quality of life and better energy systems can help with that. So therefore, we also focus very strongly on developing systems that deal with energy. For more, visit our energy systems division.
         Aerospace Projects We are currently developing systems to help with science, exploration and technologies in space and aeronautics. We have developed a comprehensive plan for how we should explore space. For more, visit our aerospace systems division.
         Community Improvements Projects Our purpose for our community improvements division is to develop systems that will improve our communities. If we want to have a good economy in our community, we need to try to set things up so that businesses can thrive while still minimizing impact on the environment and on people's private lives. If we want businesses to thrive in a community, we have to look at the community as a whole and do what we can to help it become a better community. For our community around where Continuous Innovations is currently headquartered (which includes the area around Ogden City and Hill Air Force Base), we have developed a plan to help improve the business economy and revitalize the area without significant sacrifice to the natural environment. Our studies into our community can also be applied to other communities. If you have any interest in our geographic area, or in improving your own community, please check it out.
         Project Partners No single organization or business can accomplish everything it wants to accomplish completely by themselves. We have to work with other organizations and businesses. We are always looking for ways that we can work with other organizations and businesses.
         Founder's Personal Website This link will take you to Continuous Innovation's founder's personal website. Please be aware that this is the place where he may rant and rave and and express his radical opinions. When he's doing work for Continuous Innovations, he tends to be better behaved.

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